Legal TranslationLegal translations are amongst the hardest because of the complexity of the language used and the absolute clarity and accuracy required. As such, the prices quoted for this type of work reflect these factors.

We will only ask translators with experience in this field to carry out these types of translations. All our translators translate into their native tongue to ensure accuracy.

Unlike many translation agencies, all our translations are carried out in-house so that we are able to allocate accountability to one person, and to keep track of the progress on the assignment.

DISCLAIMER: It should be noted that these translations will be carried out verbatim so that the original legal document can be understood by a foreign language speaker. It will not result in the original document being legally binding in the target language. If you require your translation to be legally binding once translated, we recommend using a local solicitor to read through the document prior to it being issued.

The price for legal translations differs according to both the language combination and the turnaround time. Please contact us for a personalised quote.