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Grants available for publishers wanting to publish Brazilian authors’ work

To publishers interested in adding Brazilian titles to their catalogues, the Bookworm Translations team recommends considering a translation grant being offered by the Brazilian government since 2011: the Programa de Apoio à Tradução de Autores Brasileiros no Exterior; in English, the Support Program for the Translation and Publication of Brazilian Authors Abroad. This program is managed by the Fundação Bilbioteca Nacional (FBN) or National Library Foundation and has the goal of promoting Brazilian literature and culture abroad.


The support takes the form of a financial grant offered to foreign publishers who want to translate, publish and distribute works by Brazilian authors abroad. There are two levels to the grant, the highest being for new translation projects, which can receive US$2.000 to US$ 8.000. Reissues of work that have been sold out and out of print for at least three years can receive US$1.000 to US$4.000.


There are no restrictions in terms of the target language, but the book must belong to the fields of literature or the humanities – which covers a wide range of topics, from novels and poetry to essays on social sciences. The criteria used to assess applications is the relevance of the project in promoting and disseminating Brazilian culture and literature, as well as the consistency of the proposal – in other words, the translator and publisher’s background, as well as the project’s financial viability.


In order to evaluate these elements, the FBN requires applicants to submit a relatively long list of documents, including an application form, a letter explaining why the project should receive the grant, the translator’s CV, all contracts necessary to publish the book, as well as a detailed plan for the distribution of the final product.


The current installment of the program will run until May 2015, so there is still plenty of time for publishers to apply. But if you think your project will not be ready for submission before the deadline, the program will continue until 2020, new public notices with any modifications being published every 24 months. So keep an eye on the FBN website for any updates.


Additionally, you can find more detailed information on the grant and the application process, as well as check the results of previous application processes here. It is also possible to contact FBN through the email address


If this grant has sparked your interest, our team at Bookworm Translations would be delighted to help with the application process and help you find the perfect translator(s) for your translation projects – please just contact us through We wish you luck and hope to be working with you shortly!

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